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Fontana, CA

With over 200,000 people living there, the city of Fontana is one of the lager cities in the stat of California. This beautiful city lies in the county of San Bernadino and is bordered by Rialto to the east, Rancho Cucamonga to the west, Riverside and Norco to the south, and Mt. Baldy to the north.


This city is surrounded by cities that complement the atmosphere of Fontana. The people of this city are extremely polite and inviting. This city is home to the Fontana Speedway, which brings car enthusiasts from around the state to put their cars to the test or to watch others do the same. Fontana is an excellent place to raise a family due to the comforting vibe that runs throughout the city.


The Fontana Police Department has done an amazing job at keeping the entire city safe by working with residents. The Fontana Police Department keeps the community safe by constantly patrolling the streets of the city in search of anybody in trouble or trying to cause trouble.


They also set up random checkpoints throughout the city to ensure that the streets are safe to drive on.

city of fontana california
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