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How Bail Bonds Work in Fontana!

In order to bail any inmate out of jail, he or she will have to complete the bail bond process at the jail that he or she was taken to. Whenever someone is arrested in the city of Fontana, they will most likely be taken to the Fontana Police Department, which is located at 17005 Upland Ave Fontana, CA 92335.


Once at the Fontana Police Department, the defendant will begin the booking process by trading in all of his or her belongings for a pair of jail attire issued by the police. The jailer will then gather all of the inmate’s personal information such as his or her name, date of birth, etc., as well as a photo to go along with a written description of the inmate. The jailer will then input all of this information into the system for future reference. After the jailer has completed that task, he or she will then send the inmate to have his or her fingerprints scanned via the LiveScan Machine.


This machine is directly connected the Department of Justice’s system and will be able to notify the jailer if the defendant has any outstanding warrants or is wanted by any agency in the country. Once the jailer possesses the results from the fingerprint scan, he or she will clear the inmate for bail. No bail bondsman anywhere can bail out an inmate prior to the jailer clearing the inmate for bail. However, while our agent is waiting for the defendant to be cleared for bail, he or she will contact you with a time and place for you two to meet so that you could fill out all of the paperwork necessary to complete the bail bond.


When all of the paperwork is filled out and the defendant has been cleared for bail, our agent will immediately post the bond at the jail and begin the jail release process. Once the jailer is handed the bail bond, he or she will verify that all of the information on the bond is filled out correctly and will complete the jail release process for the Fontana Police Department.


The amount of time it takes to get the defendant will vary from jail to jail because some are busier than others. However, this last step in the process could take as little as fifteen minutes to several hours depending on how busy the jail is at that time and the time of day it is. When the defendant is released from jail, our agent will be waiting in the lobby and will explain the entire process and the defendant’s responsibilities regarding the bail bond.


Once you both understand your responsibilities, our agent will hand one of you an official bail bond receipt, which will have all of the defendant’s charges and court information on it. As long as the defendant shows up to every court date, there should be no problem with the bail bond.

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