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Group Arrested in Elaborate ID Theft in Fontana

Police have arrested four people on suspicion of running an elaborate ID theft ring in the city of Fontana. The group responsible for the thefts were a group of four college kids and they were taken into custody on Sunday evening at about 5 p.m. The police caught the group when they attempted to open a phony account at a Kohl’s store in Fontana. The officers that arrived at the scene detained the group of kids and searched the residence of the ring leader with a search warrant. When the police ran the name of the leader of the group, they discovered that she was already out on bail for another offense but they will not reveal what she had originally been busted for. Fontana police said that they have seized approximately 200 profiles of future victims, which included their tax returns, driver’s license, credit reports, and bank accounts. They also seized computers and printers used to make all of the counterfeit California ID cards. The suspects also had illegal narcotics in their possession when the police searched their persons and vehicles. It is safe to say that the public is a much safer place with this group of kids locked up away in jail rather than roaming the streets.

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